Google Brings The Top Deals To You !! 

A Free Website With Free Domain Name...

Are you someone that was never formally trained in website design 
and marketing?

Well so am I and lemme tell you that as someone a little nerd called an 
"Old Timer" not long ago outside my favorite local saloon,


Its not easy catching up to grade-schoolers that can write resumes on their Playstations. lol !!

But, with Google's Free Learning Information and helpful video clinics, a person can put down their old ways and drop right into the modern ways of communications easy because of Google then...
Start saving money because of the knowledge.

So, give a couple of minutes to the girl that sounds like daddy's little cheerleader here in the Free Google Website Video for Minnesotans and get on your way to...

 "Internet Family Living" where you and your sweetheart can start a small shop online to offer to your family&friends as a second line of income in order to get through what will be looked back on as...

"The second worst Financial time in American history"

I can help you with things on this web site including the
 TV ad developments for a discount but, I'm starting to think that it truly is your family and friends that will need to come together in order to make sure that people know what you have to offer.

Why A Website Or Blog ?

And Here The Googman Watches More   !!

4G,No Contracts,Mobile Pocket Modems,

All For Only $49.99 Per Month

      Watch The Whole Geek-Speek Video



 The Free Non Profit (Micro-eMBA)

                                                            Role Of Chief Exec Officer

                       Googman.Com Is An American Disablement Enterprise

Google Stores And Wallet...

 Google Webstore,In Minutes...

The Googman Still Watches...

I'm Told You Can Find Most Of What You Need On The Sides And Bottom Of This Very Digital Page.

News Flash...

Here Below Are Examples Of Electronic Checkouts That Almost (Anyone) Can Have And Now You Can Be Paid For Your Goods Or Services Via Any Mobile Phone Anywhere In The World !!

As An Honest Person, Now You Can Help The Elderly Or Disabled Citizens Each Month And Simply Swipe Their Credit Card Right In Front Of Them.

They Can Make Donations, Pay A Light Bill Or Use The Internet With Much Less Concern.

Remember... Any American Can Gift Up To $13,000 To Another Annually Without Tax Concerns.

Ask The Googman To Set You Up With A Donation Site And Be Ready To Use It Like Magic !!

The Best in The Business...

Anyone Can Now Collect Donations Using Their Cell Phone !

Google saves you from losing your wallet !!

Watch This ... 

Google Mobile Wallet Explained YouTube Video

How Mobile Wallets Could Change Fundraising

November 15, 2011

Aine Creedon

November 14, 2011; Source: Nonprofit Tech 2.0 |
With the rapid growth of smartphone use in the United States, many are predicting the end of cash and physical credit cards within the next five years, and a surge of mobile wallet services in 2012. This will drastically change the way our society interacts with any actions associated with currency.

Que Se llama El Uno

  How To Keep Informed Daily And Fund OWS Without Spending A Dime... (No Junk here), I researched it myself

 Buy Ads Through Google !!




                                                 Will India Stop The USA From Recovering ?                     






                                                                                                                                                     Adwords Login


Google Created The Android Operating System And The Android Market





                                This Is Why When You Need Information, You Just Google It !

                              And Now If You Need A Free Phone Line, Google Can Do That Too...

                                                                         Google Voice
                                                            Get Calls From Your Website

                      Google Has Made It Easy To Have Someone Call You From Their Computer Just By Clicking One Button 
                            On Your Website.

                                                                 Google Mobile Device Help


Top-Rated Company

Today we're going to look at a stock that scored some huge gains a few years back, then suffered through a slump. But recently it's set up an interesting chart pattern.

It's Google (GOOG) and its search engine accounts for about two-thirds of the Internet searches done in the U.S. It's also moved into new devices like the Android smart phone and digital books.(See Story)





The Googman Has Personally Seen The Walls Of Computer Knowledge Brought To A Level He Can Reach 

And It Was Actually Fun To Do !

Regardless Of Whether It Is Your Small Business Or Just At Home,

We All Can Benefit From Google.Com!

For The Latest From Google,
(click here)

Call Me Widgets...

Can be put on any web page, and allow people to call from that web page. When somebody clicks on the widget, we call them and connect them to you. Your number is always kept private. You can create multiple call widgets and have different settings for each of them.


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