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How to create a website for a lawyer

Info You can visit sample website to see the final result or compare your code.

Nowadays people require protection of their rights. That is why the services offered by private lawyers are very asked-for. The best and well-known way of finding such services is Internet use. Therefore this time we decided to create a website for a lawyer.

This tutorial will teach you how to make a good website for a lawyer on the basis of a website template. After creating the website you will also get our advice concerning domain name and hosting provider.

Choosing a template design

The fastest and easiest way to create a professional look-and-feel website (if you are not a web designer, of course) is to take an opportunity of pre-made web templates on the basis of which you will create an attractive website. When you start searching for a site template, you will come upon many web page designs. But as usual, I recommend you to review website templates provided by TemplatedBusiness. It offers high quality design products that can be easily customized to meet your project needs. Here you will find both law website templates and law Flash templates that correspond to the main web standards and concentrate on the customers’ core requirements both in terms of usability and information. Well, my choice is 15560.

lawyer template

You should know that shades of gray are associated with stability and intelligence by majority of people. Orange color symbolizes optimism and vital energy. That is why choosing this template is a right decision to say that you could be trusted.

After a purchase you will find HTML-version and source PSD file of the main page, fonts which are used in the template and some screenshots in the archive.

In case of a low-budget project, you may take advantage of free web templates that will help you solve both problems: time and money. offers quality free web templates that can be easily customized and used as a basis for your website.

Template Customization

Now it’s time for the template customization. But if you feel that you don’t have enough knowledge or time to go though the whole customization process, you may take the opportunity to use Template Tuning services. Here you can order the template customization at an affordable price. Their web developers will easily and skillfully make all necessary changes for you. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then let’s go on!

To perform all necessary modifications you will need Adobe Photoshop CS+; Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ or any other HTML editor.

Before you start you should install necessary fonts (usually they are placed in “sources/fonts” folder- in this tutorial you’ll find more detailed description. After that open .psd file in Photoshop and let’s learn how to make necessary customization.

If you are a private lawyer your name can become your brand. That is why, first of all, we will modify the name. You should choose Horizontal Type Tool on Tool Panel (it is usually located on the left side of the working area) and make left mouse button double click on the title “Steve Burns”. So, the layer is ready to be modified. Just enter your name, for example, Mark Trout.


After making all necessary changes we need to save the customized logo and then replace the existing one. Choose Slice Select Tool and make the selection.


While the slice is still selected, go to “File” -> “Save for Web and Devices” but don’t change the settings. Just press the Save button to save the file to the Image directory replacing the file logo.jpg.

Now your prospective clients can read your name but still can’t see the face. Therefore the next important step is to put your own photo on the header.

Find a good photo of your own. Drag and drop it on the document area and after that move it with the help of Move Tool replacing the basic photo.


Before saving the photo all menu links and the logo area have to be marked as invisible. Take a look at the result below:


The new photo is ready to be saved. Select the slice with the help of Slice Select Tool and save the image as we did it above. This time we will replace the fileheader_bg.jpg.

The next step is to modify text titles. It should be said that all text titles in this website template are made as pictures. And if you even don’t want to modify them, you need to re-save them anyway.


After that customize all titles on the Home page and re-save the images.

So, all changes that should be completed with the help of Photoshop are done. Let’s proceed and open index.html file in HTML editor. As usual I prefer to use Dreamweaver.

Let’s customize the descriptions.


You can also customize the menu links. In contrast to the titles, menu links have a text format.


The Home page has been successfully customized!


Let’s customize the other pages.

About Me

On the “About Me” page try to convince your prospective clients that you could be trusted. Write about your mission, competitive advantages and any other things about you that can help to get a new client.


The same should be done with the other pages: ServicesPracticePartners,ResourcesSupport and Contacts. All actions should be performed in the same way, so I guess there is no need to repeat what has already been said above.
On the Contacts page write your postal address and customize the contact form. For contact form implementation you need to have some PHP programming skills and while I don’t have them I recommend to order it from TemplateTuning website. They said that it would cost you about $60 – for any type you choose.

Choosing a hosting provider

When choosing the hosting services you should be guided first of all by other people reviews, prices and quality. On this basis I recommend you
If you experience any troubles with registering a domain name or hosting you can always contact professionals.

Website Promotion

You may find a lot of website promotion services all over the Internet. But probably, one of the most reliable among them is website promotion services from Web Design Library. It offers:

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There are two packages:

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There is no monthly fee. And by ordering a pro package you will get a 30% discount. Moreover, if you purchase a website template from or TemplatedBusiness, you will get 50% off on the SEO services provided by You don’t need to learn the secrets of search engines algorithms in order to increase your ranking, because everything will be performed by qualified SEO specialists.

Info You can visit sample website to see the final result or compare your code.