Senior/Vendor HelpDesk Reps

If you're a HelpDesk representative who will be fielding questions from Seniors and Online Business Vendors about using Google Apps,  Here are some resources to help you out !

HelpDesk Resources  (Install Google Video Chat Here)
Google Mail & Calendar Troubleshooting

(Website Optimization)

    Get Free Personal Gmail Voice Acct

Getting A Home Site Job
Learn to:
  • Quickly resolve common issues with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Use Google's online resources to troubleshoot issue

Google And Old Guys On The Computer

HelpDesk setup and training tips

(Google Wave Overview)

YouTube Video

(Google Wave Long Video)

YouTube Video

Get Extra Income...

Seniors Selling Consortium (The S.S.C.)

Create An Online Store In Minutes !!

YouTube Video

Store Gadget Wizard
Get tips on how to:
  • Set up your HelpDesk operations to support Google Apps
  • Train your support staff on troubleshooting Google Apps issues and submitting support tickets to Google


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