The Calm Before The Storm...

  By all estimates, no one important expects this recovery to happen overnight...

The government knows from experience that once the bankers have ruined the nation, panic is our worst enemy.

So, if you pay attention, most news stations report with a tinge of hope and not much in the way of scaring the nation.

I mean, if you watch CNBC) over 30 days, how many times do they report good news because...

 (The Negative Number Was less Than Predicted) 

So, with that logic, I should report very good news each day because I am getting older but, not as fast as 
I thought I would lol !!

Personally, I think they need better fortune tellers...

But, lets remember that it is our 95 percent of countrymen that fuel the five percent of the rich that hold most of the country's assets.

A matching 95 percent of assets as I recall...   So, scaring a nation does not bode well in the planning of their futures.

Now, (acceptable losses) along the way are only acceptable if we allow them to be.

Your average joe and alice of our nation are getting older and many are not ready for what is coming...

When we were 16, having two jobs during school break was something to be accomplished because our bodies could take it but these days, just the idea of going to work each day for one job as a senior especially with medications is a Herculian task for many.

So, imagine this if you may, 

You are in your fifties or sixties, your 401k has been destroyed by people with more money than some nations and your home is upside down in mortgage debt. Or, you are well on your way to senior multi-housing. 

Now, the government says that 65 is too soon to retire !

Well, have you been reading about the new retirement age of 70 ? 

The only answer here for some will be a second line of income and getting a paper route just won't cut it !

I will be researching how family and friends can be resources to each other in times of need which may be only what is left of some people's days.

Your computer is your friend and Google will be your best friend during the storm that lies ahead.

Think online sales...

Our friends and families may need to quit driving to Walmart for everything and buy some things from 
uncle Joe's store just around the virtual corner... 

The dog I own was free because of and so was the rock in my garden.

Your own business can never be free but, your online store can be made easy and inexpensive because of Google.


The Googman