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Medication Education


Anyone Taking Medication That Affects The Brain Knows The Problems With Live Learning...

Many Of Us Getting Older Or With Disabilities Become Discouraged By The Arduous Task Of Trying To (Memorize) Things That Others Just Keep In A Different Part Of Their Brain And Can Associate With A Sound Or Picture Or A Simple Smell...

YouTube Video

The  Problem Continues In Life Until We Learn The Value Of (Repetition).

There Is No Better Tool Than The Internet And The Offering Of Video Tutorials In This Struggle To Survive In A Modern World.

Lately, Google Has Embedded HTML5 And Uses CSS In The Offerings That Most Of  Us Can Appreciate On (www.youtube.com)

It Is Not Important That You Know What This Means Technically But, 

It Is Important That You Know About Watching Television On The Internet For Learning Or, How Just Seeing Videos That You Can Play Over And Over Then Save For Reference With Just A Touch Of Your Finger.


Brings You Closer To Equal, With The Popular Dick And Jane Of Today...

    Increase The Size Of These Videos By A Single Mouse Left-Click Bringing You To
    (youtube.com) And Then A Double Mouse Left-Click For Full Screen Appearance.

YouTube Video

I Have Found That (2) Laptop Monitors Next To Each Other Along With A Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Makes Learning Life A Whole Lot Easier.

Even An Older Laptop To Connect Online Will Do These Days With The High Speed Internet Connections.

I Can Bring Both Of Mine To A Restaurant If It Has (WIFI). Wireless

An Educator Friend Of Mine Should Soon Be Offering Online Classes

For PhotoShop And Other Popular Programs Via The Google Learning Network Here On Googman.Com

This Will Allow Anyone With An Internet Connection To View The Tutorials And Ask Questions If They Have A Gmail Account.