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The Seizing Moment

                                                                                UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Ingesting most chemicals are also but, processed sugar and caffeine can mean the difference

between understanding math or becoming labeled with a 3 or 4 letter learning disability   

issue which is then added to your medical portfolio and insurance costs for life.

Now Fluoride...

Remember that most tooth paste has fluoride in it as does most drinking water systems.

So, when we brush our teeth, make orange juice or take a shower, it goes into us.

The reasons for added fluoride are many but, now the results are many as well.

One of the results is that fluoride can cause seizures.

Tonight a northern Iowa couple is thankful their 3-year-old son
survived fluoride poisoning unharmed.

Last week Josef Dethlefsen drank several ounces of his sister's
anticavity fluoride rinse.  Hours later Josef had a seizure.  He had
to be treated at St. Mary's intensive care unit.

He's fine now, but Josef's parents say this would have never happened
if the fluoride rinse hadn't been made so attractive to kids.

Josef's Father, Kent Dethlefsen says, "I never read the labels of
these things that said 'For Kids' and you know it says 'Great Tasting'
on it, 'Better Tasting, bubble gum flavor."

The Dethlefsen's say they knew too much fluoride could be harmful, but
they never dreamed the consequences could be so severe.

They say parents should make sure to lock products containing fluoride
away, even if the bottle states the product is for kids.

- Axel Gumbel