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 The 99 BuckSpot Is a Product Offered By The Googman For Those That Don't Want To Take The Time To Learn How To Create Google Tv Acceptable 30 or 60 Second Tv Advertisement Spots. 

Once Finished, These Will Be On Youtube.Com And Be Available For Other Advertisement Venues Within Standards.

You Can Even Have Them Placed Within Your Website To Be Seen By All Smart Phones. Or Simply Ad The Youtube Link To Your Email For Others To See Your Product Or Services.

This Is  Only 99 Bucks For A Product Like This Or A Bit More Without The Watermark On The Top Of The Screen.

Contact: (Sales@Googman.Com)

  Or Choose Voice-Over With Your Spot...

YouTube Video

                                                              Google Plus Is On The Heels Of Facebook !


                                                                                    The Googman 

                                                                THE GOOGLE CONTENT NETWORK (UK Demo)

The Google Content Network

                                                                                             Adwords Basics:

YouTube Video